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John Ager
John Ager


John Ager has been performing stand-up comedy for over 15 years, touring all over the United States and Canada. Supported by friends and family, he has performed in many venues, entertaining all ages of people from all walks of life, in all areas of our country. John grew up in a small town near Philadelphia Pa., and, being raised by an entire neighborhood, lets the stories of his life be fuel for laughter. John travelled the world during his tour in the US Air Force, as a US Deputy Marshal, and as a comedian.

Finding comedy in all areas of his and other people's lives, John loves to make people laugh, using all types of comedy from stand-up, to story-telling, slapstick, and mimic. In March 2004, John won the "Captains of Comedy" title hosted by The Comedy Zone, Heffron International, and Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, after a tough competition with some great comedians, winning a week of comedy in Charlotte, NC.

John has worked with many great comics including Emo Philips, Jeff Pirrami, Jimmy Carroll, Chris Rich, Scott Bruce, Mike Stankiewicz and Sonya King.

John has performed in clubs across the country including The Improv, Catch A Rising Star, The Comedy Zone, and Wisecrackers to name but a few. John's versatility and down home style has helped him appear at many corporate functions. He has hosted game shows, held roasts, and performed comedy from pizza joints to country clubs. You won't go wrong with the easy style of John Ager Comedy.